Artificial Intelligence for Factory Automation and Productivity
Empirical Vision
The Empirical Difference

Introducing Empirical Vision

Artificial Intelligence Software that analyzes video feeds of your repetitive manufacturing processes.
Monitor and optimize machine output, track worker efficiency, and improve quality control.

Easy setup - no technical background required.

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    Step 1

    Place an Empirical Tracker unit looking at any machine or repeatable process.
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    Step 2

    Plug in through USB and run the quick calibration program. This video records your machine or process, and teaches the AI to track it.
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    Step 3

    Setup status reports and logs, as well as real-time notifications for outages, missed targets, efficiency, and more.

Why You Need Vision

  • Up to 33% of line labor is dedicated to checking the work of upstream associates.
    This is a big cost that we can begin to automate for you - today.

  • Anywhere from 7% to 17% of assembly line products are defective in most factories.
    This is millions of dollars your business doesn't need to lose. Let us save it for you.

  • Product warranty is costing 2% to 5% of your total sales.
    Track your quality and get your products assembled right the first time.
    Manufacturers burn through billions per year from poorly assembled products.

  • Vision turns downtime and dysfunctional assembly from hours to minutes.
    Real time monitoring alerts and saves you expensive downtime when something breaks.

  • Vision catches 10X more product defects for you.
    By constantly monitoring your processes and catching imperfections before they become catostrophes, Vision reduces product defects by an order of magnitude.

See Vision in Action
The Future of Automation - Today.

Empirical Vision Trial Montage
Successful testing with our first users.

Demos, Deployments, and Integration

Let's make it happen.


Modernizing your business has never been eaiser.


Our dead simple interface puts Artificial Intelligence to work, no technical training needed.


Any machine, any worker, any process: know what's going on in your business.


Flexible interfaces bring your data where you need it: mobile, deskptop, or cloud.


Artificial Intelligence never sleeps, and continually learns more about your processes.