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Meet Caesar:
The Robot Worker of the Future

Your powerful human-sized, sensor-enabled industrial robot that's up and running within 5 minutes. Create and setup automation tasks with no technical background. A revolution in robotic accessibility and affordability.
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    Quick Deployment and Integration

    Teach Caesar your automation tasks using a game controller or laptop, and have him working within minutes! No technical background required.
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    Many Industries and Applications

    From basic machine tending, to electronics assembly, to pick and place, packaging, and more: Caesar is ready for work.
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    Research and Education

    High quality robotics, finally made affordable for researchers and educators. Caesar has strong specs and costs an order of magnitude less than the competition.

Full Specs List:
Degrees of Freedom: 6 on arm, plus gripper, plus neck
Reach: 800mm, as measured from base joint
Payload: 2.3 kg / 5 lbs
Task Repeatability: +/- 0.5mm
Joint Speeds: maximum 150 deg/s
Electronics and Wiring: self-contained; two wire output from robot; 3 prong power cord, USB
Materials: steel and aluminum
Weight: 68kg / 150lbs
Height: 150cm
Sensors: RGB cameras on neck and wrist; upgrades available
End Effector: default 2 finger gripper included
User Interfaces: software includes desktop program accessible over USB; tablet/mobile support
Physical Mounting: base has 4 square corner mount points, M8 hole size
Extensions and Upgrades: customizable end-effector; replaceable arm structure from base; modular joint configs
Base Price: $4995.95 USD

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