About Us: The Empirical Story

A New Model for the future of Robotics and Automation.

Empirical Automation was founded with the mission of making automation technology affordable, accessible, and understandable. To accomplish this, we've founded a new model: partnering with the best in robotics and integration, and enhancing a wide range of technologies with cutting-edge software powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. Operating across North America, Europe, and Asia, Empirical and its partners have over 100 years of relevant industry experience, and have brought robotic solutions to a wide variety of businesses including automotive, metal fabrication, electronics, chemicals, plastics, and more.

Founded by serial technology entrepreneur James Schuback in 2018, the company began its mission by addressing a lack of affordable and high fidelity robotics in research and education. The future workforce, and existing R&D labs, need platforms to develop the next generation of automation applications. Businesses need students and workers that know how to automate and interface with robotic technologies.

Today the business has expanded into a multitude of products and markets through strategic partnerships, distribution agreements, sales channels, venture investment, and fundamental technology advances. Our unique approach to applying artificial intelligence software to existing hardware turns previously difficult-to-use platforms into high value, high production assets.

Our approach provides customers with the best of existing practices and reliability, while bringing novel advances in automation to market. Empirical's manufacturer and integrator networks provide best-in-class industrial robotic hardware and programming and integration services, complimented by value-added software with proven Return on Investment. Therefore we are able to provide a unique combination of low risk with guaranteed high returns to automation projects around the world.

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